Healing: Lessons on Growth with Sakinah

Sakinah is a lover. Hailing from Boston, Sakinah, better known as “Sax”, makes sure to bring pieces of her hometown to wherever she lays her head. As a current Washington, D.C. resident, Sax finds joy in the city through spirituality and universal instinct. Living in the heart of the city, she ensures to always keep […]

Personal Style Picks with Courtney

Last week I was able to chat with Courtney, a business owner and blogger, about fashion inspo and personal style go-to’s. Check out the interview and some photos below. https://youtu.be/w52eafm8GPM Also, find Courney on Instagram at @urtney.co and on YouTube at @Courtney Grayton. Plus, check out Courtney’s head-wrap and natural-hair based website, FroetryHair.com.

Life as a Content Creator & All-Around Creative with Artist, Kendal

Yesterday, we spoke with Kendal, who’s known as @tthraxx, about his style as an artist, life as a creative on the West Coast and some hints at future projects. Reichr0: What do you categorize yourself as? An artist? DJ? Kendal: Oh man, that’s a good question. I categorize myself as a content creator because it’s a […]

Inspo and Shopping Go-To’s with Janae

This past week we met with Fashion Influencer Janae, aka “Nae-Dollaz”, to discuss personal style inspiration & where to find the hottest urban gear atm . Find out more about Janae’s aesthetic below. Reichr0: Tell me a bit about yourself. How do you like spending most of your time? Janae: Hey [I’m Janae]. Right now I like […]

Behind the Scenes Footage: Joozy Joe’s Video Shoot, “Trap Flow”

Spent some time filming & photographing on set with Joozy Joe for his latest music video “Trap Flow”. https://youtu.be/SrxFBcAdTlw Make sure to also check out some photos from the video shoot below. Find Joozy Joe on Instagram @Joozy_joe and Soundcloud + YouTube at Joozy Joe.  

Sierra Shares Some Details on Her Next #StyleYourCrown Workshop

This past Sunday, Sierra and I talked about her second upcoming #StyleYourCrown Natural Hair Care Workshop. The event, which will take place on July 2nd in Virginia, will cover a lot of useful haircare tips (and even have a few surprises). Find out all about the Workshop below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fTp-hwlOWs Also, check out some of the photos from our shoot. […]