Whenever I imagine my twin brother as a father, I laugh. We were literally just kids yesterday. I still have vivid memories of us fighting over whose turn it was to play Spyro. %dpzulixTxipOSqZRAhTPg_thumb_81

I won’t spend too much time reminiscing on the good-days, but I’m proud of you Rashard. I may not tell you everyday but watching you mature forces me to do the same. Don’t take too much credit though, I’m still five minutes older (*does corny smile).

The photos and video that I’m sharing in this post mean a lot. Not only are we preparing to bring a third generation “Williams-boy” into the family, but because I was able to spend this day with all of my siblings. All of us together under one roof is rare. Spending my only day off with you all was a surprisingly good decision. OK, no more sap stories. Enjoy the photos and vid from my brother’s baby-shower.


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