Top 10 ‘Fits from Summer ’17

I haven’t made a style post in almost a year after recreating my blog, and I probably won’t make another one anytime soon, so enjoy.

I’ve broken the ‘fits into three different categories: Casual, Sporty & Loungewear. It’s always fun to mix it up.


I’ll start off with the “average-joe”, urban outfit. The SADE-Tee and Suede Chelsea Boots were purchased at Urban Outfitters. The tee was $28 and the boots were $89. The black denim jeans were purchased from H&M for $20. I ripped the knees myself with a steak knife. Be creative (and careful).

One of my personal favorites from the summer was this grandpa-ish fit. I caught the shirt on sale at Zara for $15. Their summer sale is coming to an end but you can find similar shirts on Zara’s website here. The cropped loose-fit trousers were a $50 steal at COS. They’re also currently having a summer sale, so if you want to make a purchase, be quick. The kicks are a pair of my favorite Stan Smith’s. The limited edition all-white Stan’s can be found at a local Foot Locker. Between photos, I made a switch from a grey wool cap that I purchased at flea market and a white skull-cap (skully) that I bought from a local beauty-supply store. Both were under $5.

Another personal fav was this hype-beasty fit. The oversized black monk-shirt was originally a regular button-down. I found some scissors, cut off the collar, and voila…a monk shirt. The jeans are another pair of $20 H&M denims that I destroyed myself; this time, a little more distressed in the knee. I purchased my (favorite) Chelseas from Topman for $160. This specific boot is no longer sold online but you can find similar pairs here. I purchased the sunglasses from Amazon and the black skully was found at a local beauty-supply store.

This chill tan ‘fit is an H&M exclusive (although I’m sure similar items can be found almost anywhere). The beige tee was $10 and the slim-fit chinos were $25. My original Stan’s can be found at various shoe stores. If you don’t have any, get them. They easily go with anything.


Now to the most convenient of all categories: Sporty. Athletic clothing is comfortable, easy to find, and most importantly, cheap. These Nike sweats cost only $1.50 at the Indian Head Thrift Store. If you live in the DMV metro area, you need to check out this thrift shop ASAP. The biker-tee was also purchased from the same thrift store for $3. If there aren’t any local thrift stores near you, check out Depop and Fasinfrank. I haven’t made any purchases from either site yet but my longtime friend has, and I trust everything she says. The Adidas Clima-Cool sneakers were a $60 sale item that I caught on

This yellow gym-fit was another Indian Head Thrift Store special. The hoodie was about $7 and the shorts were $3. The yellow headband was purchased at the same beauty-supply stores as the skully’s. My weathered Adidas Originals were purchased at an Adidas Outlet for $75 but can also be found at nearly every shoe store.

My fourth of July 90’s inspired fit was another thrifty fit, although none of the items were purchased from the thrift store. I found the striped button-down in the back of my parents closet, so yes, it was $free99. The FILA sweats were an independence day sale item at a FILA outlet shop, so what would have been $40 was only $14. The white velcro-plimsoll shoes were purchased at H&M for $40. Unfortunately, the shoes are no longer sold at H&M but similar versions can be found at ASOS.


If you guessed that I purchased this pajama ‘fit at the thrift store, you were right. This PJ ensemble was only about $8. On my feet are the all-white Stan’s that were mentioned earlier. The yellow aviator shades were another H&M purchase for only $6. Personally, I think that this was my #1 outfit of the summer (pats self on back).

When I’m not at the thrift store, I’m rummaging through my parents old clothing (as you may have inferred). This cool, beige button-down was found in the back of my parents coat closet, and the pants are an old pair of uniform pants from high school. I cut off the bottoms of the pants for a fray/crop appearence. Yes, the hat in the photo on the left is funny (feel free to laugh), but of course, it was another random find at my parents house.  Note: Never under estimate the old clothes hiding in the back of your closet or the bottom of your dresser. The grey Stan’s were found at Nordstrom rack for $45. They aren’t sold currently, but a similar pair can be found here.

And last but not least, this cozy and cool fit was definitely a summer fav. The oversized tee and the white trainers were purchased at ASOS. The tee was $15 and the kicks’ were $30 (they’re on sale now though, check them out). The cropped-green trousers were caught on sale last winter at Zara for $15 as well. And to top things off, the brown cap was a $4 pickup from a flea market in Baltimore.

Find more style, inspo and mood boards on my Instagram @Reichr0.

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