Reflections on ‘More Life’ with Ronald

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More Life” has been blasting in nearly everyone’s headphones since its release on March 18, but not quite in Ronald’s. Having a knack for all sorts of music and being a musician himself, Ronald talked about the highs, lows and in-between’s of Drake’s first playlist-album, and even touched on some of Drake’s prior records. Here’s what he thought.

What is your overall opinion on “More Life?” Was the content of music expected or surprising? 

I expected it. I don’t think it was his best work but it’s good music to listen to.

Overtime, Drake has produced many summer hits. Do you think any tracks on “More Life” will be a DJ’s “go-to” for Summer ’17?


Fake Love was hot for a while now but I don’t think that’s going to last through the summer. I do like Blem though.

What is your favorite Drake song, generally? Album?

Child’s Play from “Views” or Jungle from “If you’re reading this it’s too late”.

Some features on “More Life” included Party Next Door, Sampha, Travis Scott, Quavo, Kanye any many more. Do you think the features increased the albums success? 

Possibly since all of them are just as, or more popular at the moment.

Did any song influence you to text your ex(es)? 

No (followed by a laugh).

Being a singer yourself, does Drake inspire you/your work?

Not necessarily, but I do like his music.

What other artists do you usually listen to?

I don’t really have an inspiration but some of my favorite artists are Bryson Tiller, Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi and Kanye.

After critiquing “More Life”, Ronald threw on some vintage threads, laid back and vibed to some of his own favorite tunes. Check out some of the photos from the interview below.

Find Ronald on Twitter here.


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